14 Day Listing Action Plan

Here are a few of the activities that will take place during the first two weeks of listing your property. This period is very intense and your property is entered into the various systems. After first two week period, the marketing activity will fall into a well planned and executed process and you will receive regular updates.

Two Week Quick Start Plan

  • Execute Listing Agreement
  • Determine Showing Arrangements – Set up with Showing System
  • Install Sign
  • Install Electronic Keybox – Supra
  • Enter Listing Date in at least one MLS, perhaps two depending on area
  • Arrange for Staging
  • Activate Individual Property Website
  • Order Rider signs
  • Detail Amenities – Place Amenity List on-line in MLS
  • Add Additional Data and Refine Graphics in Multiple Listing Service
  • Send Seller Copy of Listing Agreement
  • Immediately Take Photos – arrange for second photo shoot if necessary
  • Submit Multiple 25 Color Photos to MLS
  • Submit 25 Color Photos to various web sites
  • Obtain Current Survey from Seller – Place On-Line in MLS
  • Place Seller Disclosure On-Line
  • Place Any HOA Docs On-Lime in MLS
  • Design Color Graphics/Brochure – Place inside home
  • Design/Produce Just Listed Color with Photos, Detail &Virtual Tour/Slide Show – email members of the Nevada County Real Estate System (MLS)
  • Produce &Mail Just Listed Cards
  • Enter &Check Data on Various Web Sites
  • Set-up for automatic Neighborhood email Updates to Seller
  • Obtain Utility Bill History from Seller
  • Enter Multi-Photos on additional Internet Sites
  • Produce a Virtual Tour or Slide Show
  • Determine Target Market for Property
  • Plan and Execute Email Marketing Campaigns
  • Blog Complete Property with pictures, virtual show
  • Update Seller Often – Provide Final Update for 14 Day Quick Start – DONE!

Your questions and suggestions are always welcome and it takes team work to assure the best of all selling experiences. All above activities are guaranteed.

Laura Berman, Grass Valley Real Estate
Broker Associate

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