Big Six Home Selling Factors


Although they can be stated in different ways there are only six factors that affect the sale of a home. It is important for you, as the seller, to understand who or what has control over them and how they affect each other.

  • You control 3 of the 6
  • The Market controls 2 of the 6
  • Your REALTOR® controls 1 of the 6

YOU Control

  1. Price

    You determine list price for your home. However, a list price above the market for homes similar to yours will affect negatively on buyer interest in making an offer. Your REALTOR® will review price history with you to assist you in making a list price determination.

  2. Terms

    Buyers have requirements just as sellers do. Your willingness to respect them and be willing to negotiate which terms will be acceptable to both parties can have a very positive impact. Price and Terms will usually be negotiated at the same time.

  3. Condition

    How well you have maintained the home will influence both your price and length of time to sell. The pool of buyers who are willing to make major repairs is much smaller than the pool of buyers who want a home that has been well maintained.

    THE MARKET Controls

  4. Timing

    Economic conditions operate independently of price, terms and property condition. Similarly, seasons and weather factors can affect the time it takes to sell a home.

  5. Competition

    The number of homes on the market most certainly bears heavily on your ability to sell your home on a timely basis.

    YOUR REALTOR® Controls

  6. Promotion

    From entry into the Multiple Listing System, to internet marketing and any other programs your agent will have an impact on your home sale.


    No one of the six factors alone controls the timely sale of your home. Your agent should provide you with Feedback from prospects who have visited your home and changes in market conditions. Your willingness or ability to make adjustments in price, terms or condition based on the information provided will be the final determinate as to how quickly your home will sell.




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