Cedar Ridge | Peardale | Chicago Park
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These small communities are located along scenic Highway 174 between Grass Valley and Colfax (which is located along Highway 80 from San Francisco to Lake Tahoe). This is a beautiful scenic drive dotted with pasture and orchard land. There is a beautiful mixture of trees: cedar, pine, madrons, and oak trees with upscale subdivisions on small acreage.

Rollins Lake, which is 900 acres, is teaming with bass and trout offers camping at a numRollins Lake in Nevada Countyber of camping areas, as well as boating and water skiing and hiking. Bald Eagles and Osprey are frequently seen here.

Italian Americans settled this area, where part of the famous Donner Trail passes through.

The historic Narrow Gauge Railway ran 22 miles between Grass Valley and Colfax. This historic railroad has a dedicated Museum which is located at the Nevada County Fairgrounds and also in Nevada City. The Nevada County Narrow Gauge Railroad Museum is an interpretive park and a ... of the first car (steam) assembled in California in 1901 in Grass Valley.

Chicago Park has been a long established home to pear, apple and peach orchards. since the early 1900's, with a local farmer winning first prize at the International Exposition in San Francisco in 1915. One special stop, especially in the fall when they have their pumpkin pack in operation is Bierwagens' Donner Trail Fruit and Farm Market along with Happy Apple Kitchen serving memorable pies

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