Consumer's Guide to Selecting a Realtor


How Many Homes have you personally sold in 2013?

I want to make sure that the agent I select has a strong personal sales track record. Show me you have the skills, knowledge, and experience to get me the results I want. How many transactions have you personally completed in each of the past 3 years? How does that compare to the industry averages in my area? How many homes have you sold in my area?

Do you have dozens of buyer and seller references?

I want extraordinary service. What do your clients say about your business and personal skills? Can you provide me with the names and phone numbers of at least two dozen buyers and sellers, in additional to written testimonial letters?

What Realtor networking and Internet marketing do you do?

I want an agent who knows how to find me a buyer, not one who simply puts my home in the Multiple Listing Service and passively waits for something to happen, Can you show me in writing the different marketing strategies that you’ll use to sell my home? What personal networking and nationwide marketing programs have you established? What is the address of your World Wide Web home page? What information is on your Web Site?

Do you have a Virtual Tour of our home on your web site?

Do you have a virtual tour of my home so buyers can go directly to your website to see my listing?

How long have you been in real estate sales? Is this your full-time job?

(While experience is no guarantee of skill, real estate like many other professions, is mostly learned on the job)

What type of Brochure will you use?

Will you give me a draft of the brochure prior to printing so I can change or edit the copy? How long will it take to get a finished copy in my home? Will it be in color with pictures?

How will you protect me?

I want to make sure I'm protected in my sale. Will there be thorough documentation of all transaction details and will you supply me with copies for my records? Because of the fact that we live in a hard to reach cell phone area, do you have a full time assistant that is available during office hours to assist me immediately if I should need information and also knows how the fastest method is to reach you? Do you have an E-Mail address so I can communicate with you instantaneously? Once I sign the listing contract will you be gone and a secret agent? How often will you update me as to the activity on my property? Do you have an independent insurance policy that covers me after the sale?

Compare your answers with those other Realtors. You’ll see why so many buyers and sellers have chosen Laura Berman


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