How to Get Top Dollar for Your Home


Properly preparing your home for sale can make the difference between a quick sale at full price, and a home that sits unsold for months… even after several price reductions.

The first order of business is to forget your emotional attachment to your home and look at it through the eyes of a potential buyer. Be impartial, and recognize the weaknesses of your home.

How does it stack up?

Remember, potential buyers are going to be viewing lots of other homes and if yours doesn’t stand out, it will be much more difficult to sell…

Buyers buy what they see. If what they see is dirty, messy, and work looking, you don’t stand a chance.

It’s just like if you were going to sell your car. The first thing you would do is clean and “detail” the car inside and out. Your house is no different!

With a mental picture of a model home in your mind, make an “attack list” of items to be completed on your home. It may be a short or long list, depending on the condition of your home, but keep in mind that all your efforts now will pay off big on closing day.

The objective is to make your home appear well maintained, spacious, organized and clean. Many factors such as how light it is, the colors, sounds and smell subtly effect the buyer’s impression of your home.

Start by walking out to the idle of the street and take a good, focused look at the overall appearance of the exterior of your home, Good “curb appeal” will make the critical proper first impression.

Remember, if a home is unattractive from the outside, buyers won’t bother to see the inside!

This means well-groomed, healthy looking lawn, trees, shrubs, and flowerbeds.



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